Condensation - Trickle vents


To understand the solutions to condensation the causes have to be identified.

In a property of 4 people, each will contribute approximately 4 pints of moisture per day through showers, baths, boiling kettles, cooking etc. This adds up to well over 100 pints of water vapour per week - a huge volume of moisture, which must go somewhere.

Add the other airborne contaminants which exist in a typical home - dust, tobacco products, exhaust gases - even chemical emissions from furnishings and building products - it's not difficult to understand the scale of the problem.

In the past there would be a natural escape for this hot, damp and poor quality air through ill-fitting windows and doors, uncarpeted floorboards, lofts without insulation and so forth. As the stale air left the building it would be replaced by fresher, albeit colder air - draughts!!

Now, with improved building features such as cavity wall insulation, double-glazing and draught proofing, 'natural ventilation' is prohibited. Stale, humid air is trapped, making the condensation problem in the dwelling worse, causing streaming windows, which will inevitably lead to musty smells, dampness and ultimately mould growth.

To reduce the amount of condensation forming we can fit Trickle Vents to your existing windows.    If there is enough room we can fit a vents in the top of the frame or if there is no room in the frame we can use a glazed-in vent that fits on top of a glass unit

Glazed in Ventilation
In frame vent
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